Since 2012, Darwin Plus belts have been installed on equipment manufactured by Bryanskselmash Combine plant, Russia.

The main belt responsible for the operation of the KSK-600 is the 8-strand belt. During the year, our specialists, together with the design bureau of the plant, have developed and tested the design of a belt that can not only withstand workloads, but also ensure reliable operation of the combine in the field not only during the season, but also more than the warranty period.

The result of the joint team work –the 8-strand Darwin Plus belt, which, in addition to its high resource specifications, made it possible to reduce the vibration in the machine due to the high level of elasticity of the belt. A significant increase in the quality of the combine's operation and the high quality of belts were also noted by the buyers of the equipment of Bryanskselmash. Many agricultural producers began to turn their suppliers for Darwin Plus belts for assembly of their equipments. The results of the work carried out were transferred to the main enterprise of the plant "Gomselmash". The designers of Gomselmash combines for grain and forage harvesting equipment are interested in Darwin Plus belts, and today they are working together to agree and conduct tests for the further installation of belts on equipment manufactured by Gomselmash.